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Brief Biographical Overview

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James J. Pallante

J.J. Pallante retired from his formal academic life to a life filled with the joys of a large family, gourmet cooking, lots of sports (especially his new love, golf), travel, and, of course, writing. He has finished two novels, and is part way through writing two more, as well as a cookbook.

Dr. Pallante has taught at every level of education from elementary to graduate school, held the rank of full professor, served in many administrative positions in higher education, including dean and academic vice president. His primary academic interest was seeking instructional balance in undergraduate education between liberal arts training and professional studies -to some extent reflecting his experience while earning four degrees, which included undergraduate work in English and philosophy and doctoral studies in education.

He lives with Joan, his wife, best friend, and golf partner. They are quickly approaching their golden wedding anniversary. They have four grown, married children: James, Jr., an insurance executive; Joseph, an attorney and entrepreneur; John David, an attorney and owner of his own law firm; and Jacquelyn, an English teacher. There are eleven Pallante grandchildren, and two great grandchildren - who sometimes provide models for some of Dr. Pallante's magical characters.

Cooking and eating is a cherished activity in the Pallante home, which was born from J.J.'s childhood experience of large and wonderful meals prepared and shared by many family members. He and his wife attended cooking school to try to expand and improve their culinary abilities. He now laughs when explains that their favorite meals are still the one's that they enjoyed in his parent's kitchen and at Joan's family farm. "Some things just can't be improved. His love of food is apparent is his stories. He smiles brightly when he mentions the cookbook he is writing."" I don't know if you had to grow up eating this way to love these receipes, but I don't think so. They are just plain good."

At various points in his life, J.J. and Joan (the best athlete in the family) played most team sports, were avid distant runners, hikers, tennis players, skiers, and golfers. He grins when he tells you that his days of bombing down the slopes in Utah and Colorado have been bequeated to the kids and grandkids, and he can't run far anymore unless he gets a knee replacement, which he is not inclined to do. "We stll play a lot of golf, and we don't ride carts either. We laugh at ourselves when are so tired at the end of the day after walking only a few miles and hitting a little ball. But, we wouldn't have it any other way. It is great recreation, and we get time to discuss what we will prepare for supper."

In addition to Days of Joy: The Story of the Red Suit, Dr. Pallante has written a soon- to- be- published novel about the occult. "It is pretty spooky, that's true. But, at its heart it is a critique, of sorts, on higher education." He is part way through writing a new novel populated by the characters in Days of Joy, and part way through another occult novel. However, he is quick to tell you that although his cookbook is evolving slowly, it is a labor of love.

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